10000mAh Battery Bank w x3 USB – BlueArc


10.000 mAh of power for all your USB powered electronics and Gadgets. Never let your Smartphone or portable game console run out of juice again!


Product Description

Please select DHL or UPS during checkout for this product. Other shipping options are not available for power banks and other charging related products.If you’re a tech junky, this Portable Battery Bank is a gadget you can’t afford not to have! Technology is getting better and better all the time. But those improvements also require more and more power from the battery. If you want to enjoy your Smartphone, Tablet or any other gadget at its best simply hook them up to this battery pack and they’ll never run out of juice again. Power up to 3 gadgets at the same time using the 3 USB ports built in to the side of the Battery Pack. 10.000 mAh is a lot of power! Easily add 10 hours of extra battery life to your portable game console or even quadruple your Smartphone’s battery capacity! The BlueArc only weighs 260 grams and is 13cm long so it can fit in your backpack or even your pocket! You’ll also be able to power USB gadgets such as USB Fans and USB Lights away from a computer. Blue LEDs on top of the device indicate how much power you have left and by pressing on the power button for 3 seconds you will turn on 6 white LEDs on the side of the Battery Pack that can be used as a powerful flashlight. The BlueArc comes with a mini USB adapter, a Micro USB adapter, A 30pin iPod/iPhone adapter, and a Nokia Charger. This universal portable battery charger is rugged built to be reliable for many, many years to come. Brought to you by the leader in direct from China wholesale electronics – Chinavasion! At a Glance…

  • 10.000 mAh
  • 3 USB Ports
  • LED Flashlight
  • Ultra Portable
  • Stunning Design

Additional Information

Weight 0.47 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 0.47 × 11 in